• Provision for sending informational and public service messages in the form of mailers, SMSs and outbound dialing to citizens, elected representatives and government employees through customised user lists
  • Similarly, SMSs can also be sent to a customised user-base using the application
  • Extensive database of elected representatives and government officials that is updated periodically
  • Provision for updating the database either individually or through bulk upload
  • Provision of a Dashboard showing nodal officers the campaign analytics i.e. number of mailers and SMSes sent, percentage read, percentage of forwards, URL clicks etc.
  • Provision for individual users to subscribe to the "e-Sampark" database. By subscribing to a list, a user gives his/her consent to receive mailers and SMSes from the Government. The user can unsubscribe from the list at any time.


  • Extensive structured database of government officials (of both Central and State governments) for sending official information
  • Information, alerts, draft policies etc. can be shared with customised user base thereby improving the efficiency of the communication
  • Information dissemination of existent or proposed policy/decision of the Government and new schemes to be launched
  • Increased awareness among the citizens by sharing urgent alerts of national or public interest and government updates