Mailer dissemination guidelines


For sending email campaign through eSampark, ministries/departments are requested to adhere to the below stated points:-


  • Request for email campaign should come from NIC HOD of the concerned ministry/department to eSampark Team on

  • The email campaign request should include the following details :-

    • The email campaign needs to be in one HTML file. If the mailer(HTML) has images, the images need to be kept in a directory "images". If any styling is done in the HTML, the styling should be inline.

    • From Address Name' should be provided. This states who is sending the email campaign.

    • Subject line of the email campaign

    • Department/ Ministry name

    • Department/ Ministry URL (if any)

    • Target Audience: The intended target audience

  • The request email should loop secretaries/ JS of the concerned ministries/departments for any mailer requests.

  • If the target audience is of multiple ministries, the request should be approved by secretary/JS of each ministry/department.

  • In-case the campaign is to be targeted to entire eSampark repository, approval for the same would be required from CEO, MyGov. For assistance/clarification on the same, CEO MyGov can be contacted.

  • The requesting ministry/department is responsible for getting the approvals for the target audience.

  • Email campaign request, with the above stated requirements, should be sent to eSampark Team 72 Hrs. before the campaign.

  • On receiving the above mentioned requirements the eSampark team would be sending a test email campaign to the NIC coordinator for approval/acknowledgement. The coordinator should respond immediately as campaign would only be sent once a confirmation (approval/acknowledgement) is received from the coordinator.

  • On receiving the approval, the eSampark team would be sending the email campaign & intimate the same.

  • After 48 Hrs of sending of the campaign, the eSampark team would be sending a detailed statistics report to the requesting ministry/department stating the impact of the email campaign.



With increasing smart algorithms, automated mails are filtered out from the main inbox and often go to either spam or promotions. To avoid such risks, it is advisable to send plain texte-mailers or plain HTML emails which will directly land in the user’s primary folder(INBOX).